The Shiplake Collection

Shiplake is known to take its name from the Viking invasion in 871 of Reading and the sinking of ships in the Thames as a result – “Sciplak” meaning ‘lack of ships’. Shiplake has a long history of notable events, holding its own regatta alongside Wargrave on the opposite side of the river Thames since 1867, as well as exceptional schooling at Shiplake College, our main inspiration for our collection and pieces. Shiplake College resides in Shiplake Court which was re-built and finished during the Edwardian era. 

Our pieces ooze the classic features of this period with cleaner lines, lighter colours, and smaller pieces – the ‘less is more’ feel Edwardians were so keen to portray. 

As with all our collections, each piece is handmade and are interchangeable with handles, door style, feet options etc.


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